Concrete Lifting & Leveling

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If you have sinking concrete around your home, Kepler Services, Inc. can lift and restore your concrete to help eliminate trip hazards and pooling water problems. We level concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, and slabs. We service the North Dakota, Western Minnesota, and surrounding areas.

For our concrete lifting and leveling, we use a two-part polyurethane that is environmentally friendly. The product is made from recycled materials. Our foam has the smallest carbon footprint compared to all other polys. With little to no mess or disruption of landscaping, our product is ready to use immediately with nearly invisible holes.

Soil Stabilization

We also offer deep foam soil stabilization. This provides:

  • An upgrade to sub-surface concrete lifting
  • A repair to unstable soil
  • Installing a stronger foundation to support slabs and structures that settled
  • Foam that follows the path of least resistance and will fill weak areas, and also:
    • Fills fissures and ground voids
    • Fills voids holding water and displaces collected water
  • And increase to load bearing capacity of subgrade
  • A permanent repair; foam never changes shape or absorbs ground water
  • A foam that soaks into the weak soils and then expands binding the soil and making it solid

This process does not leach chemicals into the ground.

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